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Chicken Frost Bite Protection

Chicken frost bite is a real issue for cold weather. During harsh winters your birds may get frost bitten. There is an old time way to prevent this. Using Bag Balm on their combs and wattles will help keep your chickens from becoming frost bitten.

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Winter Beard Oil Recipe

In the winter I usually end up growing some type of beard.  Growing a beard correctly actually takes a good amount of effort in your grooming.  Yes, of course you can just not do anything and let it grow.  However; just letting it grow brings... read more

Journey into poultry farming

In our journey to become a self-sufficient family and live a healthier lifestyle, we are stepping into poultry farming. My wife and I’s goals for beginning chicken farming are to provide family and friends the opportunity to purchase local pasture raised chickens and eggs.

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5 gallon heated poultry waterer

instructions for DIY heated poultry waterer. In Ohio we are subject to winters with below zero temps frequently in the winter. Therefore; it is necessary to take steps to prevent frozen waterers.

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Our Rainbow Rangers have arrived πŸ˜€ they have settled in and are making themselves at home. 🐣🐣 we are excited to raise these birds for the next few months. ...

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After doing some wet mowing in our pasture area I was able to notice the difference in grass color where the meat birds have been stationed over last few weeks. Not only do we enjoy the nutritious meat but the ground enjoys them also. ...

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This is not the conventional way to raise chickens. Our free range egg layers are part of the family for years. Always around looking for new food. Here you see them scratching through wet/dead grass finding worms, beetles, etc... ...

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This was our first hen. She may be the oldest of our current flock but she is one of our favorites. Always the first to welcome you, or look for food not sure which one πŸ˜„ ...

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I don't think I will ever become numb to the cuteness of newborn chicks. Look at these cuties! 🐣❀️πŸ₯ ...

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