If you live in colder climate a 5 gallon heated poultry waterer is a must.  That is unless you are available multiple times a day to switch out frozen water with fresh water.  Of course heated poultry waterers can be purchased online and in most feed stores.  However; as with most things I’ve found there is usually something I would change.  For starters most hatcheries and feed stores sell a fountain waterer like this Farm Innovators Heated Plastic Poultry FountainI personally purchased one of these to begin with.  I was unimpressed with keeping water clean, but also found another problem.  This type of waterer has to be flipped upside down, remove plug, then fill up and flip back over.  This happens to be the most annoying part of it all.  After using this type of waterer last winter I did some research and found water nipples.  I used a two gallon waterer like this Basic Chicken Watering Bucket with fairly good luck.  Once again I found something to complain about.  The nipples on the bottom made it a little more difficult to remove and fill up as I couldn’t just sit it on the ground.  So lastly this tutorial is my best effort at making a nipple waterer that fits all my needs.

I started out by marking the 4 spots for the nipples.  I used the cross marks on bottom of bucket as reference to make sure I had the 4 nipples spaced evenly.  I marked the holes about 2 inches from bottom.  I marked them this high because things seem to collect in the water while in the coop.  So prevent clogging the nipples I drilled the holes with a 11/32 bit higher than usual.  Once all holes were drilled the nipples simply screwed in.  They are tapered so the hole had a very tight seal.  The only thing left to do was put the pump and heater in bucket and put lid on.  Fill with water and enjoy the thought of no frozen water.  I still recommend cleaning bucket once a week.