Last year when we were looking for a house, there were 2 requirements.

1. Cassie needed at least 2 bathrooms
2. I needed to be able to pee outside

Mine was a joke but kind of serious also. Actually we wanted somewhere with enough land to build a dirtbike track, enough bedrooms to raise a few kids comfortably, and yes two bathrooms. Now that a year has gone by since purchasing the house we have learned a lot.

One thing that wasn’t a requirement for our house search but has turned into a great addition is our small half acre pond. Thankfully the pond is stocked and has plenty of bass, bluegill, and catfish to keep a few of us busy for hours. We’ve learned that having a pond brings friends and family together to do something fun and safe for little to no money.

Today as I watched our good family friend Pete and his son fishing I thought we need more of this. We need more dad’s spending time with their kids, and families spending time together. One of my best memories this past year was having my grandpa come over and he had a blast catching bluegill after bluegill.

So, today I am thankful God blessed us with all the things we wanted in a house but also something else (the pond), that was like sugar on top.