In our journey to become a self-sufficient family and live a healthier lifestyle, we are stepping into poultry farming.  About 2 years ago a friend of mine gave me 3 black jersey giants and a bantam game rooster to get me started.  I have many stories to tell about this little rooster, and his grit.  Even though he was small compared to these big girls, he took care of them.

I quickly put together a make shift chicken tractor for the chickens to forage around the yard.  After the girls began laying regularly, we realized we loved eating these free range eggs.  They tasted more delicious and we KNEW exactly what they had ate (nearly 100% was bugs, grass, and other plants).

A couple months later, I received a few more hens and a full size rooster.  This allowed me to begin giving eggs to family members and friends.  Unsurprisingly they had the same feelings towards free range that we did.  So this has led me to figuring out ways to turn my hobby into something that does not cost me money.

In the coming weeks and months I will update our progress on this journey of learning to start poultry farming.  I am going to be working on low cost, and weather effective chicken tractors for Ohio weather.  It’s evident that more and more people are becoming aware and wanting to eat locally produced foods. I am humbled and happy to be a very small part of allowing this to be available for some people.

My wife and I’s goals for beginning chicken farming are to provide family and friends the opportunity to purchase local pasture raised chickens and eggs. We plan to do this by selling fresh free-range eggs, selling meat chickens that are also free-range, and breeding chickens to sell as chicks and started pullets for production and show.  If this type of thing interests you, we hope you will follow along on our journey and maybe even partake in some Taylor Homestead chickens.  See ya soon