The Process

We pick up day old chicks directly from a hatchery. When they come home, they are quickly settled into their brooder where they will spend the next 3 weeks of their lives. A brooder is a special large pen filled with clean wood shavings that’s kept warm and free from drafts so the young chicks can grow strong enough to be moved outside to pasture. While they are in the brooder, in addition to daily feeding, we also provide the young chicks with daily clover and grass to get them accustomed to foraging (the occasional worm is offered up for entertainment value).

At about 3 weeks of age, they are moved from the brooder to their pens in the pasture. There they will spend the next 4-5 weeks of their lives enjoying fresh air, sunshine, pasture forage and plenty of bugs. Every morning during that time, their pens are moved to a new patch of fresh pasture (twice during their last week on the farm).

When they reach about 8 weeks old, the chickens, which have had a wonderful life, are handled with the utmost respect and are processed and packaged. Ultimately this all culminates in a line of excited customers bearing coolers with ice picking up their much-anticipated birds on pickup day!

Benefits of Pasture Raised Poultry

Pastured Raised


Small groups (100 or less)


Clean air


Fresh daily salad bar


No injections during processing


Consumer/producer relationship




*Huge groups (10,000 or more)

*Air hazy with fecal particulate (damages respiratory tract and pulls vitamins out of body, overloading liver)

*No green material or bugs

Routine injections (anything from tenderizers to dyes)

Consumer/producer alienation


* Also applies to nearly all “certified organic” chicken

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