In the winter I usually end up growing some type of beard.  Growing a beard correctly actually takes a good amount of effort in your grooming.  Yes, of course you can just not do anything and let it grow.  However; just letting it grow brings issues.  For instance as your hair grows longer your dead skin begins to get trapped and you will be left with a dandruff beard.  Your face hairs may not all grow at the same rate leaving you with a very unkept look.  So to do this correctly you need to groom.

Here are a couple things you will still have to do while growing a beard correctly.

  • shave areas of your face hair shouldn’t be (high part of cheeks, close to mouth, lower part of neck line)
  • brush your beard with a hard bristle brush like boar bristle.  This will keep dead skin from collecting
  • shampoo and use conditioner in shower
  • Either have your barber trim beard to keep growth even or keep a set of beard trimmers available
  • lastly, use beard oil.  I usually put a good amount in my hand to wipe over beard then brush it in

Here is one of my favorite recipes for beard oil that smells woodsy and leaves a good shine

What you will need